Grab a weapon, the zombie apocalypse starts on July 4th!

The news about my book being dropped was shocking and disappointing, but not the worst thing in the world.

I love Broken World. It was so enjoyable to¬†write and I’ve been wanting to share it forever, but to be honest, I wasn’t in love with how the publisher was handling it. Now that I have my rights back, I can plan. I can pick a day and start promoting. I can line up reviewers (once I figure out how to create and ARC). I can control the direction my book is going, which is amazing. I didn’t have any of that before and it was driving me crazy to be so in the dark about the whole thing.

So, I’m going to release Broken World on July 4th. I’m excited that I get to use the original cover I had made, which is awesome.BrokenWorldCover

I’ve added it to Goodreads already and I’ve started my formatting. I’m really looking forward to having this book out there!


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