Kindle Unlimited

All the books in my Broken World and Twisted World series are available through Kindle Unlimited. This is a program on Amazon that allows you to read as many books as you want during the month (that are enrolled in the program) by charging you one low fee. The author, ME, gets paid per the number of pages read each month. I don’t get as much money as I would if you purchased the book, but you’re only borrowing it, so that makes perfect sense to me! I am personally enrolled in this program because there are a lot of great apocalyptic books available for it. Even better? There’s a free trial period so you can decide if it’s worth it to you! Want to know more? Just head on over to Amazon: Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

What if you listen to audiobooks? There’s a similar plan for audible, although it is a little more expensive (audiobooks are a lot more expensive to make), but you can check that out as well:
Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


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Announcing Twisted Press!

As of January 2nd, I officially have my own publishing company:











What does this mean for my readers?
Not much. I established a publishing company so I could form an LLC (a Limited Liability Company) and separate my personal assets from my professional assets. The books I have already put out will not change, and it won’t change anything about what I will put out in the future except that you will see the logos for my new publishing company on the covers and inside the books.

Will other authors be published under Twisted Press?
No, this is a private company and I will be the sole author whose works are put out through Twisted Press, so if you see another book with that name, it’s most likely a pen name of mine.



Broken World and Shattered World on Kindle Unlimited

Just a note for anyone who might be wondering.


When I first published my books, I put them on Amazon Select. This is a special program Amazon has that allows your books to be part of the Kindle Unlimited program, as well as other special promotions. Because of this, I wasn’t allowed to put them on B&N or any other ebook retailer for at least 90 days.

As we all know, Broken World did amazing on the select program. It was a tough call when my 90 days were up, but ultimately I decided to pull my books from select and make them available on B&N, Kobo and Google Play.  But doing this meant that people enrolled in Kindle Unlimited could no longer borrow my book, which would cut down on my royalties. I had hoped to make up the difference on other retailers, but I didn’t. As of Monday I’d sold 0 books on Kobo and Google Play, so I pulled them from those retailers. I have made a little over $10 on B&N.

Because of this, I’ve decided to put my books back on the select program. The borrows I had on Kindle Unlimited were pretty significant. Last month they accounted for more than $500 of my royalty payments, which there’s no way I’ll be able to make up for with the way my sales have been on B&N. I know a lot of authors get upset by the monopoly Amazon seems to have on ebooks, but I’ll be honest. There’s good reason for it. Amazon is thinking ahead. They’re creating programs for Indie authors that no other retailer is, which is why so many authors are willing to put their books on Amazon alone. Bottom line: it’s worth it.

So, I’ve made the decision to pull all my books from B&N and go back on the select program. Probably for good. I apologize to anyone who only owns a Nook. Trust me, I get it. My first ereader was Nook, so it annoyed me when authors only put their books on Amazon. But I get it now, and unfortunately this is the right call for me.