Walker Wednesday

Walker Wednesday


The Walking Dead, Season 7, episode 2

October 30, 2016

After the season premiere, this past week’s episode was tame and a bit boring if I’m being honest. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some thoughts about this turn of events, or that I didn’t welcome a break from my high blood pressure.

The episode starts with Carol recovering from her near-death experience at the hands of some of Negan’s men (The Saviors). Morgan is with her, and they find themselves in a new settlement, known as The Kingdom. Enter KING Ezekiel. Yeah, that’s right, the leader of this group goes by king and talks like he’s staring in a Medieval Times dinner theater show, not smack dab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Even crazier? He has a pet tiger.


My first thoughts after listening to this guy talk:

1) He’s totally insane (which makes everyone following him just as insane)

2) This group is NOT going to be helpful when it comes to defeating Negan

BUT a few details popped up during the episode that I did take notice of. First, Morgan goes with a few of the men to catch pigs and HALF of the animals are herded into a barn where a zombie is tied up and waiting. When he asks about it, Morgan is told by one of King Ezekiel’s men that they want the pig’s bellies full of rot. This is the first clue that this group is under Negan’s thumb. They also say they are only PARTLY free, so it’s no surprise when they meet a group of Saviors to make a delivery. Then Carol and King Ezekiel have a little heart to heart and we find out he isn’t quite as insane as he originally let on. That doesn’t mean I am in any way ready to put my trust in this group. To me—and it seemed like Carol has the same opinion—this group is a little too similar to how Alexandria was when Rick’s group first stumbled upon them. They’re unprepared since King Ezekiel has taken it upon himself to keep his dealings with Negan a secret. They aren’t prepared for a fight and they are totally unaware of how bad things can get. Maybe a handful of King Ezekiel’s most trusted subjects would be helpful, but the majority of this group will be totally useless when the shit hits the fan.


Even though I love Carol’s innocent and oblivious act, I wish she’d get back to badass ways, and I’m happy to see that Morgan has gotten over his annoying anti-killing attitude. I was happy for his character to return to the show last season, but I got real tired of him real fast when he wasn’t willing to do what needed to be done.



Other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot about this episode worth mentioning. Next week promises to be pretty intense, giving us a look at what Daryl is going through at the hands of Negan’s men, namely Dwight. 


Hopefully there will be more to talk about.