Moonchild is now available on Audible!

I’m so excited to announce that Moonchild is now available on Audible!

Moonchild AudiobookScarlett Moon has always known that watching out for herself is the only way to survive. But when her best friend is capture by enforcers, Scarlett will team up with dashing airship pirate, Asher Kimura, and risk everything to save her.

“This book had fantastic worldbuilding, an exciting plot and characters I was attached to – can’t ask for much more than that! I’m excited to find out what’s in store for these characters next.”

“As always – Kate L. Mary gives us yet another post apocalyptic world in which to immerse ourselves into.”


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***Narrated by Heidi Drennan

Liberation is HERE

Moonchild Book Two

After surviving the auction and a near death experience at the hands of Asher’s father, Scarlett Moon is more than ready to settle into life in Columbus. She isn’t alone, either. With each passing day her friends look more at home in the warehouse, and even with Asher ready for more than Scarlett can give, she manages to fall into a routine that almost feels like a normal life. She has her best friend back and for the first time in years, Scarlett feels like there just might be hope on the horizon.

But one distress call is all it takes to destroy the serenity the group has managed to build.

It’s been months since the night Paget stormed out of the warehouse following a fight with Asher, and for all Scarlett knew, the other woman had moved on. Only the fear in Paget’s voice when she calls the warehouse tells a different story, and even though Scarlett never liked Asher’s ex to begin with, she can’t help feeling a little bit responsible for the trouble Paget now finds herself in.

The group heads to the seediest part of the city in search of Paget, picking up clues as they piece together what might have gone wrong. The more Scarlett learns about what the other woman has been through over the last few months, the more concerned she becomes. Even worse: there’s no sign of Paget anywhere in Columbus.

With all the clues pointing in one direction, the group leaves the city and heads for the country in hopes of finding Paget hiding among her own people in Hocking Hills. Only it seems the danger may have followed them, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake and putting Paget in more danger than ever before. With each turn Scarlett learns more about the woman who used to hold Asher’s heart, and she suddenly finds herself unable to deny how she really feels about him. Only, with Paget in trouble, Scarlett can’t help wondering if Asher is as over his ex as he claims to be.

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MOONCHILD Read-Along Event


I’m gearing up for Liberation, book two in the Moonchild series, so I’m hosting a read-along event on Facebook!


Here’s how it works:
1. Participants will read the scheduled chapters on their own each day. Reading ahead is welcomed and encouraged, but no spoilers in the discussions, please! If you get behind, you’ll notice that I’ve scheduled weekend to catch up time. 

2. Be sure to drop in every day on the event page. We will be having heated discussions about the book and characters as we read. We will also play some games, give away some prizes, get to know each other, and have loads of fun! 

3. We will have “mile marker” checkpoint posts clearly marked every few chapters. Each mile marker contains a giveaway. When you reach a mile marker chapter, be sure to answer the question posted and enter for a chance to win!

4. Participants who post a brand new review for the book will be eligible for the The “New Reviews” giveaway.

5. And all participants will be eligible to enter the final giveaway at the end of the Read-along.

And there you have it. I can’t wait to share Scarlett and her world with all of you!

Here’s the schedule for you:


Moonchild is upper young adult (think older teens with plenty of adult appeal), and a mix of steampunk, dystopian, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic genres. It’s available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, and if you don’t have the book, you can get it HERE.

New Moonchild Covers

After some feedback, I decided to tweak my covers for Moonchild just a bit. People weren’t getting the steampunk/fantasy/sci-fi vibe and I wanted to give it a little more emphasis. So here’s what I came up with!



And here are the new covers for Liberation!