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Some people like a little chaos. Not Sarah. Growing up in a house of humiliating filth means she has three crystal-clear goals:

  1. Get through college, however she can.
  2. Keep her four-year-old sister away from her mom’s hoarding.
  3. Never, never let disorder take over her life.

Of course, studying, working, and taking care of a toddler mean Sarah has no time for fun. Until she meets Zac.

He’s sweet, he’s funny, they have compatible plans for the zombie apocalypse. But Sarah can’t let him in. It’s not just his three drooly, sloppy dogs—with him in her life, the pristine future she’s working for would be shredded before you can say Down, boy!

Sometimes falling in love is really all about letting go.



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Cover Reveal for Letting Go!

LettingGoBannerLetting Go

The College of Charleston Series, #4

Kate L. Mary

November 2016

Letting Go-HighRes

Some people like a little chaos. Not Sarah. Growing up in a house of humiliating filth means she has three crystal-clear goals:

Get through college, however she can.
Keep her four-year-old sister away from her mom’s hoarding.
Never, never let disorder take over her life.
Of course, studying, working, and taking care of a toddler mean Sarah has no time for fun. Until she meets Zac.

He’s sweet, he’s funny, they have compatible plans for the zombie apocalypse. But Sarah can’t let him in. It’s not just his three drooly, sloppy dogs—with him in her life, the pristine future she’s working for would be shredded before you can say Down, boy!

Sometimes falling in love is really all about letting go.

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Top Ten Moments of 2015

During 2015 I published 8 books, had a short story in an anthology, and had 3 audiobooks released!

Mad World

Lost World

Broken World (Audiobook)

Shattered World (Audiobook)

Mad World (Audiobook)

The List

Prep For Doom (Anthology)

Broken Stories

When We Were Human

No Regrets

New World

Forgotten World


It was a pretty great year and kept me really busy, especially since I’d only released 3 books in 2014. Below are the top ten moments of 2015. If you want to check out my top ten moments from 2014, you can find the post HERE. In the meantime, scroll down and check out my best moments from 2015. 🙂


10. Prep For Doom Anthology

Being part of this really cool anthology was a lot of work and time away from other things, but it was fun and exciting. And I’d definitely do it again! You can get all the information about this anthology HERE.

PFD Coming FB Banner


9. Creating a new cover for Collision

It may not seem exciting, but to me it meant I was able to take even more control over the direction of my books by figuring out how to create a cover. Plus, I gave my first book a much needed makeover. If you haven’t read Collision yet, you can check it out HERE.



8. When We Were Human

Everything about the release of this book was exciting for me! I finished it after working on it for over a year (I kept getting interrupted). I made my own cover which I LOVE (with a little help from my graphic designer friend, Kate Sanford). It’s a totally different story than anything I’ve read and I just love it. Get more information about this book HERE.

WWWH Two Seals


7. Going to Georgia

Not totally book related, but I know everyone will appreciate it. Going to see Woodbury and the set of The Walking Dead was amazing. Did you see all the cool pictures I took? If you didn’t, you can check them out HERE.



6. Audiobooks!!

A lot of self-published authors decide to produce audiobooks, but I just didn’t want to take the time to go through the process. And I’m so glad I didn’t, because in January I was able to sign a deal with Tantor Media for the first three books in the Broken World series. I still have my fingers crossed that they will pick up the last three books at the beginning of next year, but even if they don’t I’m happy!



5. The List

My first book with a REAL publisher came out!
Yes, I had a deal with another publisher before, but it didn’t go well at all. It’s been nice to be able to work with a publisher that cares about my book and my sales and wants to see me succeed. Find out more about this book and the next two books in the series HERE.

The List-highres_edited

4. Book Signings

I took a leap this year and actually scheduled some book signings, which was terrifying. What if no one came? It had it’s ups and downs, but overall I think it went well and I plan to do several more next year. As well as make a couple appearances at conferences. Be sure to check out my schedule HERE.



3. Moonchild

Most people don’t know about this book yet, but I’m excited about it. I wrote it a few years ago and have worked my butt off to revise the thing. My agent finally read it this year and fell in LOVE with it. Seriously, the voice messages she sent gushing about the story and the characters were probably the best things I’ve ever heard. It’s out on submission now, but fingers crossed one of the editors who have it will fall in love as well. Want more information? Get it HERE.



2. Meeting a Fan

I had a reader drive five hours to meet me at my book signing in Lawton, OK! All the way down from Kansas! It was a huge surprise and seriously made my day. Thank you so much Amy Rowles for taking time out of your life to come meet me!


1. Winning a Medal!

Yes, I won a medal. I can’t believe it still, but I’m sooo honored. When We Were Human was awarded the Silver Medal from the Moonbeam Children’s Book awards for YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi fiction. 


New Deal!

I’m excited to announce that a fourth book is coming in the College of Charleston series!


I’ve been obsessed with watching the show Hoarders for a long time, and it’s been in the back of my head to write something that deals with this fascinating and heartbreak issue. Of course, part of my obsession comes from the fact that I can’t understand the mentality of someone who doesn’t know how to let go, so it only made sense for me to write from a family members perspective. I’m just excited that my editor at Lyrical, Alicia Condon, and my agent, Stacey Donaghy, are both thrilled about this idea as well!

My Charleston Trip

Have you read my College of Charleston series? Book one is The List and book two is No Regrets (book 3, Moving On, will be out February 2016). If you have, then you might be interested in the pictures from my recent Charleston trip!


Our first morning in the Charleston area was spent in North Charleston, giving us the perfect opportunity to hit up the Tanger Outlets, which also happens to be where Cami takes Annie shopping in The List!

I may not have a bucket list (and I’m definitely not in my teens), but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t do some shopping of our own. Here’s my best friend, Erin, and me at the outlets!

When we finally made it downtown, I had to take a trip over to check out the dorm Cami and Annie–and Chris–lived in. Yup, here it is, the College of Charleston’s College Lodge! On the left is a picture of how it looked when I wrote my book, versus how it looks now. (They painted it without my knowledge.) 

College Lodge photo courtesy of Post and Courier










I also swung by the college bookstore to buy myself a little souvenir…


Right down the street from College Lodge sits the Francis Marion, which where the group goes to eat breakfast for Annie’s birthday in The List and No Regrets. The Starbucks they frequent is in the lobby. Right across the street is Marion Square Park, which I didn’t get a picture. 🙁


King Street is just across the street, and if you ever decide to take a trip to Charleston, you’re definitely going to want to take a walk up this street! It’s gorgeous and a great location to do some shopping – just be sure you bring your credit card! It’s also expensive!



I mention the City Market a few times in my books. It’s a really fun place to visit that’s open daily, allowing tourists to shop for souvenirs from local vendors.












Carriage tours are also a favorite tourist attraction.


Remember how Annie and Cami talked about the dangers of walking on Charleston sidewalks in heels? Here’s why:

Bike Taxis are one thing I haven’t mentioned in my books, but if I end up writing a fourth I’ll definitely add it! These are a lifesaver when you’re trying to cross the city wearing three inch heels – especially after a few drinks!














And here’s Waterfront Park, which was a favorite place for Annie and Ryan to jog in The List.
IMG_4828The fountain at the main entrance (during tourist season it’s common to see kids running through the water):



Check out the gorgeous pier:


The bay (If you look close enough, you can see Fort Sumter in the distance):


And of course, the Pineapple Fountain (also a favorite place for kids to swim on hot summer days during tourist season):



Erin, and Me in front of the fountain:

And finally, the Ravenel Bridge (It wasn’t lit up at night, so I had to settle for a day shot):

What’s one of the BEST things about Charleston? The food! If you ever visit the city, expect to be full (and broke) when you leave. Charleston has some of the most delicious (and expensive) restaurants, but it’s worth every penny! While visiting we ate at Magnolia’s, Cypress, The Drawing Room, Toast and Kaminski’s. We also hit up The Rooftop Bar and Henry’s for drinks in the evening.

IMG_4709 IMG_4718 IMG_4837 IMG_4753









Erin and me at Magnolia’s:



While there, Erin and I also got tattoos – just like Annie. Like I said, I don’t have a bucket list, but this is something we’ve been wanting to do together for a few years, so we decided to just go for it.




Our last morning in Charleston we took a quick trip out to Isle of Palms. This was the day before the hurricane rains hit (which flooded the downtown area) so it was chilly and windy and threatening rain, but it was still great to be back after four years!

Driving under the Ravenel Bridge:

Here’s the street view of Isle of Palms:















Look at this amazing houses on Isle of Palms? The picture doesn’t do them justice, trust me!It was a house like this one that Liam’s dad owns in No Regrets-and where they have their amazing beach parties.IMG_4854

And that’s the Charleston portion of Momcation 2015! You can check out the Walking Dead portion on my October 29th post, which is part of the Band of Dystopian Zombie Blog Crawl for Halloween week! 

Did these pictures spark your interest? If so, be sure to check out my College of Charleston series, available from Lyrical Shine and inspired by this gorgeous city!


No Regrets is Now Available!





No Regrets

College of Charleston series, #2

Kate L. Mary

NA Contemporary Romance











College is supposed to be fun…

Go to parties

Pick up guys

Maybe get in a little trouble

On the surface Cami is your average, wild teenager out to have a good time, but inside she’s struggling. Almost a year ago her best friend was in a car accident, an accident Cami feels responsible for. Since then, she’s made it her personal mission to experience everything life has to offer, both for herself and for Julie, who will never have fun again.

Then she meets Liam, her cousin’s sexy roommate. Hooking up with a hot British dude seems like the perfect way to start off the school year, but the more time she spends with him, the more she finds herself actually liking the guy. Which totally screws up her plans to live life with no regrets…



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      By the time Friday rolled around I had talked myself into believing the whole thing with Liam was nothing serious. He’d invited me over to his place because Ryan had a date, which I took to mean he wanted to be alone with me. In my head, I was kind of picturing the evening being more like a booty call. We’d enjoy a quick romp in the sack while Ryan was out on his date, then order a pizza. Maybe go for round two if we had time.

      That wasn’t exactly what happened, though.

      When I got there, Liam answered the door with a big smile on his face and a dozen pink roses in his hand. It was adorable and definitely made my heart skip so many times I wondered if it was playing jump rope. He’d really thrown me off my game.

      “Wow,” I said, taking the bundle of roses and giving them a sniff. “I wasn’t expecting flowers.”

      “I noticed your mobile case was pink, so I thought you’d like the color.”

      Okay, so maybe it was a little cliché, but pink was my favorite color. And the fact that Liam had noticed was so sweet I found it difficult to speak. Which for me meant a lot. It also made him about a million times hotter, and made me want him about a billion times more. Go figure.

      Liam held the door open so I could go inside. He didn’t even make a move to kiss me, which totally blew because at that moment I was imagining sucking on his bottom lip.

      The guys didn’t have a table in their apartment, which was why I’d kind of figured Liam and I would be lying naked in bed with a box of pizza between us. There was, however, a small bar between the living room and kitchen. That’s where Liam had set out two plates and two wineglasses, along with a bottle of what appeared to be champagne. He even had a candle lit. And the apartment smelled a-maz-ing!

      “Did you cook?” I asked, standing in front of the bar with my mouth hanging open.

      I’d never had a guy buy me flowers before, and I definitely hadn’t thought for a second Liam would. Plus, he’d actually cooked. For me. It was like his body had been taken over by pod people.

      “Of course.” He grinned and picked up the bottle of champagne. “I invited you over for dinner. What did you expect, pizza?”


      Liam laughed and ripped the foil off the bottle. He turned it away from me while he worked on getting the cork out. The pop was so loud it made me jump, and the cork flew about three feet through the air before hitting the kitchen cabinet. I was kind of wishing he had aimed at me. Right at my head. Maybe the jolt would have helped me make sense of the situation, because I was totally confused.

      Liam filled the glasses and handed me one. “We have about fifteen minutes before dinner is ready.”

      I stared at the champagne in my hand and frowned. “You know you don’t have to get me drunk, right?”

      “What are talking about?” He paused with his glass halfway to his lips.

      Liam looked hurt, which made me feel like a total bitch. He’d gone to so much trouble with the whole thing, but I couldn’t even enjoy it because all I was thinking about was jumping his bones. Yeah, I was being a mega bitch.

      “I’m kidding.” I forced out a smile and held up the glass. “This is awesome. Thanks!”

      He relaxed and returned the smile, and we clinked our glasses together.

      Even though I didn’t get the booty call I’d been hoping for, the night was pretty sweet. Liam turned out to be a really good cook. He’d made spaghetti, which didn’t sound like a big deal until he revealed he’d made his own sauce. Color me impressed. Plus, he’d made the meatballs too.

      I was pretty full after stuffing my face full of Italian food, so I couldn’t eat dessert right away. Cheesecake drizzled with caramel, chocolate, and chopped pecans. Where the hell did this guy come from? While we waited for our food to digest, we sat in the living room and talked.

      “So you mentioned you have a sister. Any other siblings?” I asked, sipping the champagne. The bubbles tickled my lips and made me giggle.

      “Just the sister,” he said. “Half sister, really. We have different dads. My mum was married to Elisabeth’s dad for about ten years. They split up, but he’s still around. Treats me like a son too.”

      “What about your biological father? Does he live in England?”

      “No, actually. He lives in the States, which is why I’m here.”

      He took a drink of his own champagne while he studied me. I got the feeling he didn’t talk about his dad a whole lot and he was debating whether or not to tell me more. I honestly wasn’t sure how much I wanted him to share. I was really starting to like Liam—like him like him—and I was afraid if I got too attached, it would thwart some of my wilder plans for college life. I couldn’t really pick up guys in bars and go home with them if I was in a relationship.

      Plus, I’d promised Julie I wouldn’t settle down until I was a hundred years old. At least.

      Liam must have decided I was worth making himself vulnerable, because he said, “He has a place here, actually.”

      “Really? In Charleston?” It was a bit of a surprise since he hadn’t mentioned it before, but it explained why he was here. Kind of. He did say his dad was a jerk.

      Liam nodded. “Isle of Palms. You remember the beach house the frat party was at?”

      Was he kidding? How could I forget the beach house? Not only was it pretty much the nicest and most expensive building I’d ever set foot in, we’d shared a pretty amazing moment in that upstairs bedroom. Just thinking about it made my body shiver with pleasure.

      I put my hand on his leg and smiled up at him. “I remember very specific things about the beach house.”

      “You did seem to have a pretty brilliant time.” Liam flashed me a lopsided grin that showed off those adorably crooked teeth of his. God, was I glad his mom never got him braces.

      “It wasn’t nearly enough, trust me.” I ran my fingers gently up his thigh.

      Liam cleared his throat and shifted his whole body until he was sitting almost out of my reach. My hand was still on his knee at least. “You know you’re making it bloody difficult for me to turn over a new leaf, right?”

      “I like your old leaf,” I said, flashing him a pout.

      “Right.” Liam chuckled and shook his head. “That house belongs to my dad.”

      My hand froze on his leg. There weren’t many things that could have distracted me from all the dirty thoughts going through my head, but that was definitely one of them.

      “Your dad owns that mansion on the beach?”

      “He may be a tosser, but he happens to be a very rich tosser. He’s why I came here, really. He threw my mum money over the years, but it wasn’t much. She couldn’t pay for me to go to uni, and it was either beg my dad for the money or work my own way through. I really wanted to tell him to sod off, but I felt like he owed me. Anyway, he agreed to pay my way, but only if I came here. Said he wanted to get to know me. Maybe he’s gone soft in his old age, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I saw it as my only option.”

      “So he’s not a total tosser then?” I loved all the British slang, so was sure to emphasize the word.

      Liam chuckled again. “No, I guess he’s not a total tosser.”

      I mulled the whole thing over as I emptied my glass. Liam wanted to turn over a new leaf. His dad was a prick and he didn’t want to be that way, which I could understand and even respect. But what did that mean for us? He’d made me dinner, bought me flowers, and opened up to me all in one night. It was starting to feel dangerously close to girlfriend territory.

      Which was something I was going to have to get a handle on real soon.

      I set my glass on the table, then took his and did the same. He eyed me as I scooted closer to him, as if he was afraid I was going to attack. Of course, he was right to be concerned. I was going to attack, and I wanted things to go my way for a change.

      I leaned closer, waiting for him to make a move to kiss me or stop me from kissing him. The conflict in his eyes was obvious. He thought it was a bad idea. Unfortunately for him, I thought it was pretty much the best idea I’d had in a very long line of great ideas.

      “Let me thank you for dinner,” I said, moving until our faces were less than an inch apart.

      We were so close I could see little specks of brown in his eyes. My nose grazed his and he sucked in a deep breath. His very intense gaze moved down to my mouth. Then his lips brushed against mine and he closed his eyes. I followed his lead, squeezing my eyes shut as our mouths moved together. Quickly. So fast it took my breath away. Liam thrust his tongue into my mouth and slid his hand up my back, gripping my neck. Not just holding me there, but pulling me closer to him. Like he might never be able to get enough.


╣About the Author╠

Kate L. Mary is a stay-at-home mother of four and an Air Force wife. She grew up in a small town just north of Dayton, Ohio where she and her husband met at the age of twelve. Since their marriage in 2002, they have lived in Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and California.

Kate enjoys any post-apocalyptic story – especially if zombies are involved – as long as there is a romantic twist to give the story hope. Kate prefers nerdy, non-traditional heroes who can make you laugh to hunky pieces of man-meat, and her love of wine and chocolate is legendary among her friends and family. She currently resides in Oklahoma with her husband and children.

Be sure to check out her bestselling BROKEN WORLD series, which is a top 100 book in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction on Amazon.



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Book 1 in the College of Charleston Series
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The List. Twenty things every girl must do before she turns twenty…
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Body piercing
Get drunk
First kiss
But thanks to her crazy, over-protective father, Annie Roth is way behind schedule. Good thing it’s her first semester of college, because Annie is more than ready to start checking off items. . .
Fake ID
Skinny dipping
Road trip!!!
Where it gets complicated? Ryan and Chris. Best friends. Both sweet, funny, totally hot, and totally into Annie.
But there are some things on The List that Annie only wants to do with Ryan. . .
Lose it
Get Heart Broken
Fall in love

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Moving On
Book 3 in the College of Charleston Series
Coming February 2016 Pre-Order Now!

After a year with her dying aunt, Bette knows what she wants from life.Moving-On-mockup3
1. Keep Aunt Missy’s House
Chris Pressley is the perfect roommate—uptight and damaged and hung up on his ex. And hot. Bette doesn’t date, but she definitely likes looking.
2. Get Her Dream Job
Chris just needs to get away from the happiest couple on campus: the sweet, shy girl he loves and his former best friend. Watching Bette rock her tattoos and her curves even as she builds her own business is an education. That’s probably why he can’t keep his mind off her…
3. Never Compromise
Bette isn’t interested in changing for anyone. But the heat rising between her and Chris won’t leave her the same…

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Coming February 16, 2016 from Lyrical Press

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